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The true cure for alcohol, drug, food and cognition (thought) addictions can begin here. Enjoy stress free recovery right now in the privacy of your home, office or anywhere! Start living your new serene lifestyle today.

Caring family members and friends are encouraged to sign into rehab first and learn how to help your ‘identified patient’. Your ability to detach by having fun and loving your medically ill loved one but properly attacking their disease will lead your family to rehab and serenity as well. Recovery really is for everyone.

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ORC is grateful for the inspiration and contributions of the late Fr. Thomas O’Hearn (1950-2014) permanent faculty member and  founder of Family Hope Charity in Nairobi and Fred (Fritz) Koenecke (1923-2009) Psychiatrist and Board Certified Addictionist.

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Therattainer: $1 to $199                               Family Therattainer: $200 to $499

Rehab Patron: $500 to $799                       Rehab Benefactor: $800 to $999

Rehab Manifestor: $1000 to $4999         Rehab Saint: $5000 and above

Thank you for sending donations to: ORC, PO Box 312, Verona Wisconsin 53595

Your gifts also support the International Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum and innovative intervention and rehab tools including recovery music. Three of our recovery songs are currently in the top Number One Music NIM Global Charts:

Analyzing Monsters and Good Old Days – Number One Music

ORC products include intervention and therapy music – please visit our shop above. “Love Ain’t A Race Car” performed by country great Jake McVey is number one Nationally for Country Rock and number 5 for all genres world wide!  50% of our song purchases are donated directly to World Vision: http://t.co/5BcRrkjA8K 

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