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Online Rehab Clinic (ORC) is, “The Fun and Smart Natural Recovery” for everyone.

Immediate access to fun, whole family, low cost, confidential and user friendly 100% online rehab and positive recovery - Sign up now for 30 days use – only $195. The true cure for alcohol, drug, food and thought addictions can begin here. Your whole family can enjoy stress free recovery right now in the privacy of your own home, office or anywhere! Start living your new fun, serene, emotional and financial lifestyle success today. The caring family members or friends should sign into rehab first and as a result of your new knowledge, behavior and confidence, the identified patient will want what you have and follow. Recovery is for everyone.

Check out the low cost books, films, DVD’s, wall charts and other downloadable merchandise in our “SHOP” option above. Three of our life saving rehab songs recently made it into the top 20 hits on the NumberOneMusic (NIM) Global Charts! Half of the sales of Rehab songs (Analyzing Monsters Music Label) supports the global children’s charity World Vision and good causes like this Online Rehab Clinic. Can’t afford the $195 charge for 30 days use of ORC? Sign in – select 30 day use for $195 option – log out and our staff will manually admit you for free within 24 hours – remember your access information!


If after enjoying and completing this rehab and training program you are dissatisfied for any reason, we will refund your payment.


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