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The Online Rehab Clinic (ORC) staff, faculty and alumni thank you for choosing this easiest accessed, lowest cost, least restrictive, and most confidential rehab experience. You control the schedule, pace and movement of your participation in Rehab. Enjoy learning about positive life and rehab secrets. View all the therapy sessions, interviews, demonstrations, documents, films and educational sessions as if you are an active participant. Follow the treatment plan and description boxes that coach your progress. We are constantly adding onto and expanding your Online Rehab Clinic (ORC) experiences and innovations. A Trailer and Two Rehab TV shows dealing with the true number one cause of disease and death should be viewed by the whole family early on. Attorney Mark and Dr. Dan provide a “How to Use” instructional presentation. Watch the “Family Intervention” film hosted by Dr. Dan and singer, actor and songwriter legend – Paul Williams. Paul was a UCLA student of Dr. Dan and appeared on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday in November of 2014 to promote his book, “Gratitude and Trust” co-written with Tracey Jackson.

Our combination of classic, contemporary and current groundbreaking experiential and educational therapy, videos, films, documents, charts, journals, optional blog chats, serenity and fun videos, links and many other offerings represent decades of work, research and service to keep you and your family’s growth and recovery simple, low cost, confidential, individualized and least restrictive. ORC allows clients, family members and students individualized help and education advancement. Preventive Learners, Student Interns and Professionals in Residency sign in as clients. When at least 5 hours are completed online in ORC, email afijanice@gmail.com for the verification and awarding of your learning certificate.

We aspire to compliment existing mental health and addiction rehab professionals and services not replace them. Areas in the world devoid of or denied access to proper treatment professionals and programs may benefit strongly from this service. Normal denial and post acute withdrawal often clouds the first critical days or even weeks of rehab. This recovery core is often ‘lost’ to memory. Now you can regain this crucial knowledge and supplement your traditional or luxury rehab experience. ORC can also assist any long term aftercare or follow along services. Physicians and other treatment professionals can save hundreds of basic instructional hours by prescribing ORC. ORC may also help reduce or possibly avoid prescription medications if deemed appropriate by a physician and treatment team.

We plead that imprisoned or otherwise confined citizens of the world and their family members be allowed access to this service regardless of the length or intensity of their incarceration. Please contact us for any installation interests you may have for your intra or internet streams. We believe there is no longer any excuse or reason to deny access of this simple rehab service to the imprisoned or infirmed. We know the primary reason for most incarceration and medical or criminal recidivism remains addictions.

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Your success and comfort will be enhanced if you involve your personal physician, spiritual advisor and other people you choose to be part of your individualized and comprehensive support team in your community. If you are a professional, you can receive our certificated ‘professional in residency’ training by following that door of opportunity as you join and participate in ORC as a student or resident. Click contact in our home page menu confirm your interest. Upon completion of at least 5 hours study in ORC you can request your certificate. Make make sure you log in and out each time to insure proper clock tracking – record your online and community contacts in your own records is recommended as well.

Begin enjoying the fun and secrets of rehab as you complete all of the confidential sharing, clinical sessions, lectures, physician and staff interviews, stress reduction and laugh options, online participatory and inspirational meeting links, family recovery and communication demonstrations and much more. Relevant movies and films are provided for your review including “Family Intervention” featuring Dr. Dan and legendary singer/songwriter and actor Paul Williams. Paul Williams is an Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe Hall of Fame songwriter. Again, welcome and please join us as an ORC Alum by registering now!


One Year Access for $19.95 per month or $195 paid in full.

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